Welcome to Brown Dog Digital Media

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Core Values
  3. Our Why
    1. Our Vision: Create massive awareness of Trade oriented business
    2. The Way: By providing cutting edge technology with the skills to utilize it
  4. Paperwork Completion 🔗

Product Overview

We offer an array of products to make sure each of our clients has success over multiple platforms. Here are a few of the major product lines that we support.

  1. Web Design Suite
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Secured Hosting Services
  5. Aerial Videography (Drone)
  6. Review Generation & Management

Advanced Marketing Platforms

With any product line under our header, we can attach various marketing programs to make the content work for them.

Creating a website is great, but who will see it and how will they see it? We don’t just CREATE their digital personality, we give it life!

Marketing Options:

  1. Facebook Posting Pack (3 posts per week) $200
  2. Instagram Posting Pack (3 post per week) $200
  3. Social Combo (5 FB & 3 IG/FB) $450 **

Managed Systems:

  1. Google & Google My Business
  2. Website Direct Management & Oversight
  3. Oversight & Facebook SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  4. Instagram Oversight

Creative Product Lines:

  1. High End Photography / Food Styling (Package includes up to 50 photos)
  2. Location Promo Video (30 – 45 second promo)
  3. Aerial Drone Video/Photography
  4. Full Scale Commercials

Restaurant Specific Options:

  1. In Store Loyalty System
  2. External Client Generation
  3. Online Ordering
  4. Touchless Menu

We offer coaching to help business owners get the most bang for buck:

  1. Facebook Coaching
  2. Web Directed Coaching
  3. Organic Growth Coaching
  4. Social Efficiency Coaching

** Photography Session Required OR 50 Photo’s Provided Creative #1

Advanced Personal Brand

We will help you to craft and manage your own digital personality. What better way to understand how we work than to do it for yourself first!

This exercise is designed to coach you through creating your digital personality. As you link pieces together, you’ll learn about some of the inner workings and thus learn some of our systems. Seeing HOW organic growth works will truly impact your clients growth.

Let’s get you setup!

  1. Create you Facebook Media Page
  2. Create your Instagram Media Page
  3. Update Cover Photo & Main Photo
  4. Link Accounts and Post to IG
  5. Invite All to your new Page & Chuck Beyers Media
  6. Add @username (after 25 likes)