Custom CRM

Your Customer Relationship Management is KEY to your business.

Allow us to customize a CRM to fit your needs. We fulfill your software needs WITHOUT the monstrous price tag you expect.

Features of our CRM:

-Full CRM Setup & Access
-Build & Manage a database of clients from your sales, website, social media & more in one area
-Unique Phone Numbers for EACH Employee w/ tracking
-Reputation Management for Socials & Google
-Ad Management for Socials & Google
-Manage Social Posting Calendars! (NEW Add)
-Funnel Accessibility to Drive clients into your business (Developed to fit Need)

Best part about your CRM through Brown Dog, instead of $1200 per user per month… It’s $299 per month flat!

Curious what is a CRM? Hear it from the Top CRM in the Country! -SalesForce Best

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