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About Us

Our team has been developed over the last 5 years to encompass a massive spread of industries. From the world of skilled tradesmen and unions to restaurants filled amazing flavors in the air, our range has limitless bounds. A combined 7 decades of sales and marketing experience has allowed us to test thousands of gimmicks and widgets. This experience is brought with us to your initial needs analysis meeting and beyond.

Over the course of many learning experiences along the way, we’ve had our trusty dogs at our side (…and a few cats) and understand how they influence your company in such a positive way. We want to help all of those we’ve met along the way, and will meet in the future!

Our Service Suites

Brown Dog Media has a diverse array of solutions available to help your company excel. We develop the tools to give you success, we coach on how to implement and provide a caring touch along the way to ensure that success. Below are just a few of the services that we provide. Schedule time with an Agent today to meet your businesses goals!

Who Needs Us

While there are a lot of companies out in the world that can utilize our guidance. Here are a few ideas of who we can help. We are here to help all the companies who have their dog on the job, hanging out in the truck or playing ball with clients in the front office.


Our clients and the relationships we form are 100% the reason we do what we do. We have a skill set that allows business owners to excel in areas they didn’t know existed. Our Clients Make Us!!!

Our Process

Everything with Us starts with a FREE Needs Analysis Consultation. Either in person or via video, we dive in to learn your business’ goals and needs to begin there. Within the first few minutes, you’ll see a bond develop with your companies growth. For us, there is nothing more powerful than helping a client hire to support new work loads!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will your Services increase my Business?2022-06-29T11:42:59+00:00

This question really depends on the involvement after the relationship begins.

Our tools and proper implementation of them will ensure your business is seen in the best possible light and that it’s ready to handle the influx of traffic.

It is YOUR job to work with the coaching & guidance provided to ensure the tools are used! However, it’s OUR job to ensure that our additions create success.

Our tools are designed to work WITH a Ad boost through a social channel or Google directly. Merely existing doesn’t make them work for you.

What should I expect? I don’t have time to wait2022-06-29T11:41:51+00:00

We exceed industry standards by setting proper expectations and Exceeding them at any chance we have!

Depending on the project, different timelines are involved. From the start, your Agent will help guide your experience.

Typical Industry Times:

Web Setup : 3-4 Business Weeks
Web Design : 6-8 Business Weeks
Custom CRM : Unable to Program
Graphic Design : 4 Business Days

Our Times:

Web Setup : Less than 4 Hours
Web Design : 2 Business Days*
Custom CRM : 2 Hours – 4 Business Days**
Graphic Design : 2 Business Hours

*(Time based on Proof responses from Client)
**(Depends on complexity of Project)

How do I know you will help my business?2022-06-29T11:42:38+00:00

We are willing to give you the first month free (w/ a 12 month contract) to show you the power of our systems before you even start paying! We are confident in the system’s we’ve developed and are happy to put our money where our mouth is!

From the start of our relationship, you’ll learn that we bring a different level of customer care to the table. From your initial needs analysis meeting, we take a ton of weight off your shoulders. Focus on the work that makes YOU great, we will focus on making sure you’re found!

How can I get updates on new products you’re using?2022-06-29T11:42:19+00:00

We employ a massive array of products to meet each of our clients needs.

The technology is constantly evolving and allowing us to do MORE for your business.

As new technologies are adapted by Us, we will automatically set them up for your Business. We will make sure that you are not only set up to succeed, but that we keep you on the front line of your Digital Personality!

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